Depravity's Rainbow

Triple Book Set: Shadows of the State, Metropole, Depravity’s Rainbow


Set of three photobooks, based on the series Metropole (2014 – 2018), Shadows of the State (2015 – 2018) and Depravity’s Rainbow (2018 – 2023)


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Shadows of the State

Published by Brave Books, 2018
18 × 28 cm, 192 pages
Section-sewn, hard bound.
Edition of 1000

Shadows of the State adapts open source research and satellite image interpretation in order to investigate the  mysterious spy radio signals known as numbers stations. Using these techniques it locates thirty of their clandestine transmitters, scattered across the globe from Russia to Liberia, Cyprus to South Korea.


Published by Overlapse, 2018
22 x 28 cm, 155 pages
Swiss bound, soft cover
Edition of 600

Metropole documents the transformation of London at the hands of property developers and speculators. In it the glittering new luxury high rises of London are layered over each other using multiple exposures, creating a disorientating dystopian vision of the city.

Depravity’s Rainbow

Published by Disphotic Editions
19×25 cm, 228 pages
Hardback case binding
Edition of 800

Depravity’s Rainbow  uncovers a dark and little known history of space exploration, tracing the origins of modern rocketry back to the Second World War and Holocaust, and revealing the consequences of this history for the present.