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War Primer 3 “War Primer” – 8 x 11 inch screen print


Cover design from the series War Primer 3 (2015)

Screen print hand printed by the photographer in an edition of 15 on 250 GSM white archival paper and signed, numbered and dated on the reverse. Made using the same screen (since reclaimed) used to print the War Primer 3 book cover.

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Cover graphic from War Primer 3, hand screen printed by the photographer.

War Primer 3  is a reworking of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin’s War Primer 2 itself a reworking of Bertolt Brecht’s Kriegsfibel. Troubled by aspects of the the making of War Primer 2, and in the spirit of Brecht’s playful invocation not to ‘start with the good old things but the bad new ones’ the book has been reworked into a new ‘work primer’ which is itself a meditation on inequality, labour and capital.

Screen printing is a printing process where ink is forced through a fine mesh or screen and on to a piece of paper. A stencil on the mesh blocks ink from passing through at certain points, creating an image. The stencils are unique, so once the screen is ‘reclaimed’ and the stencil removed from it no more prints can be produced.

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