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The Memory of History – Anniversary Edition


A box of prints and texts based on the series The Memory of History (2012)

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Forthcoming, to be self-published 2022
Hand made cloth wrapped clamshell box with debossed cover
56 inkjet prints, captioned on the reverse
12 texts

Edition of 27, each corresponding to a specific EU member state, and one AP corresponding to the UK.

The Memory of History documents the way the past returned to haunt the present during the succession of economic and political crisises that struck the European Union during the early 2010s as a result of the 2008 finacial crisis. Concieved as a coda to Paul Graham’s 1993 project New Europe, and as a sort of ‘anti-history’ of the EU, The Memory of History rejects the traditional historical emphasis on narrative and ‘important’ events, instead colliding scenes of European past with the anxious present of a continent in crisis. The project was subsequently displayed at the European Commission representation in London.