Metropole photo book + zine (rare)


Photobook based on the series Metropole (2014 – 2018)

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A set consisting of the original Metropole zine, and the subsequent book which considerably expanded the project. The zine is now rare and out of print, but I recently found three copies in storage which are offered here. Condition of the zines is very good but please note there is some light scuffing to the covers reflecting their age. The books are brand new.

Zine self-published 2015
21 x 29 cm, 34 pages
Saddle stitch, soft cover
Edition of 200

Book published by Overlapse, 2018
22 x 28 cm, 155 pages
Swiss bound, soft cover
Edition of 600

Metropole documents the transformation of London at the hands of property developers and speculators. In it the glittering new luxury high rises of London are layered over each other using multiple exposures, creating a disorientating dystopian vision of the city.