Workshop Testimonials

There really wasn’t any weak point during the day. As a busy working photographer predominantly delivering picture stories to clients, I found exploring the ‘science’ (for lack of a better word) behind much of what I instinctively do was fascinating.

Marcus, Photographic Storytelling participant

Exercises with our own work were really useful and the examples of others work to emphasise points discussed. Also having the resources discussed and the workshop slides sent afterwards is of great use as this can always be referred back to. It is also really great to meet other artists and see what work others are involved in.

Anonymous, Photographic Storytelling participant

The workshop was practical, wide ranging and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the parts about developing an investigation and using story-based inquiry, as well as the concrete examples of how the various techniques were used.

Martine, Research Techniques participant

All were a great balance of lecture, examples, activities. Well-paced too. I’d recommend them to anyone who is pretty knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their photography, technically and theoretically, and wants to go further and know more.

Jonathan, multiple workshop participant.

The clear and well structured approach to each topic and pace of delivery was such that a great deal of content was covered in the alloted time. Slick. Engaging. Not a moment wasted.

Joe, Funding Strategies participant

I enjoyed the activities most, especially being challenged to edit random images into a theme or story. This was set up well by the theory and discussions. It was also instructive to see examples from other genres such as film.

Simon, Photographic Storytelling participant

The facilitation was excellent, as was hard-earned perspective and personal experience of Lewis in equal balance. Excellent amount of coverage of topic in the short course.

Toby, Funding Strategies participant

I enjoyed the whole day. I especially enjoyed the presentations and the practical exercises we did that got us to really think about narrative in new ways. I also very much liked the atmosphere – the fact that the group was so small and it felt like a conversation, whilst also being very well planned and executed. Lewis is very encouraging and supportive.

Esther, Photographic Storytelling participant

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found everything really useful, from Google search operators to mapping. I came away with investigative tools that I never knew existed and will implement them in future work, which I am very excited about.

Anonymous, Research Techniques participant

Information provided throughout the entire workshop is so helpful, as was participating in tasks, with the rest of the group. It was inspirational to hear other people’s opinions and interpretations.

Sarah, multiple workshop participant

I find most useful the practical part of the workshop. The workshop was very well structured with theory and practice and I was able to learn and apply instantly.

Elias, Writing Photography participant

I loved it: engaging, creative and stimulating. I particularly enjoyed exploring different narrative techniques and then trying to apply that to my own work, as well as playing with new approaches to classic photo stories.

Simon, Photographic Storytelling participant