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Wv.B “The Eyes of the World” – 8 x 11 inch black toned cyanotype print


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The Eyes of the World from Wv.B (2018)

Cyanotype printed and toned black by the photographer on 250 GSM white archival paper and signed and dated on the reverse.

Wv.B centers on the life of rocket engineer Wernher von Braun, famed in later life for his work on Apollo moon landings, this triumph masks a dark past building ballistic missiles for the military of Nazi Germany. Drawing together imagery from these two contradictory lives in contrast against each other, Wv.B uses the moral complexities of von Braun’s life in order to expose the conflict between millitary and civillian aims which lies at the heart of space exploration.

Cyanotype prints are amongst the oldest and simplest of photographic processes. A light sensitive chemistry is applied to paper by hand and then dried. When place in sunlight or another source of UV light a chemical reaction takes place, turning the coating blue and causing it to become permanently fixed to the paper. Those areas that are not exposed wash away when the paper is cleaned in water, leaving a stark blue and white image.