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Trading Zones “Jersey Trust” – 8 x 11 inch cyanotype print


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Jersey Trust from Trading Zones (2018)

Schematic of a financial instrument employed in the Bailiwick of Jersey, cyanotype printed by the photographer on 250 GSM white archival paper and signed and dated on the reverse.

Trading Zones is a survey of the financal services industry. In response to the inherent abstractness of finance, it employs a constellation of visual techniques, combining them to bring to light a field with the potential to positively or negatively impact more lives than any other.

Cyanotype prints are amongst the oldest and simplest of photographic processes. A light sensitive chemistry is applied to paper by hand and then dried. When place in sunlight or another source of UV light a chemical reaction takes place, turning the coating blue and causing it to become permanently fixed to the paper. Those areas that are not exposed wash away when the paper is cleaned in water, leaving a stark blue and white image.