Small Publications Set I


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*Shipping November 2019*

A set of five zines and small publications, production limited to 50 sets. Comprising:

Eleven Privatised Public Assets (2018)
Consisting of satellite maps of vast formerly state owned enterprise, since sold off to the private sector.
A4 (A3 when opened), 24 pages, printed on 100gsm satin paper and staple bound.

Stryker (2017)
Creating a story from photographs hole punched by the Farm Security Administration’s Roy Stryker.
A5 (A4 when opened), 32 pages, printed on 100gsm recycled paper and staple bound.

Peckham Gothic (2012)
Making the middle classes look like depression era sharecroppers.
A5 (A4 when opened), 20 pages, printed on 100gsm uncoated paper and staple bound.

Official Portrait (2017)
Manipulating Donald Trump’s official portrait. This zine can be hung up like a calender.
A4 (A3 when opened), 28 pages, printed on 100gsm satin paper and staple bound.

A Model Continent (2014)
A postcard book consisting of photographs of a decripted pro-EU theme park.
A6 (A5 when opened), 30 pages, printed on 350gsm satin card and glue bound.