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All twenty of my zines published between 2018 and 2022.

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A complete set of all my zines made between 2018 and 2022, contained in a screenprinted black cardboard box, signed and number in an edition of 25.

(NB, box art subject to change)

Avaliable autumn 2022

– Stryker (A5)

– Eleven Privatised Public Assets (A4)

– Peckham Gothic (A5)

– Official Portrait (A4)

– Spyhole (A5)

– Latent Labour (A4)

– Sunlight (A5)

– Welcome to the Hotel Santa Maria (A4)

– A Model Continent (A5)

– Borderland (A4)

– Regression Towards the Mean (A5)

– City of Dust (A4)

– A Grey Area (A4)

– Best Copy Avaliable (A4)

– An Antique Land (A5)

– Burnout (A5)

– A Zine Binding Guide (A4)

– A Cyanotype Printing Guide (A4)

– Building Home Made Cameras (A4)

– A Peer Mentoring Guide (A4)